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Once your turf is installed, you will want it to stay looking clean. Our turf cleaning services will keep your turf looking great for years to come. If you don’t stay on top of your turf maintenance, both debris and bacteria can build up. Debris can include pet hair, rocks, dirt and of course weeds. If debris builds up, the turf won’t properly drain, the bacteria from your pet’s urine will settle, and then your artificial turf will start to smell. Artificial grass bacteria, if left untreated, will continue to be pushed into the artificial grass, stick to the blades and infiltrate the infill, backing and even the base layer. And as bacteria continues to grow, it could pose health risks to your family.

Our Turf Cleaning Solution

With our cleaning service,our trained professionals will keep your yard clean and smelling fresh. That way you, your pet and your family and friends can enjoy your yard even more! So forget the hassles, let TurfWorld maintain your new synthetic grass lawn for you. TurfWorld is the artificial turf cleaning service company with years of experience. We use the best cleaning products and overall solutions for properly maintaining an artificial lawn. Call us anytime to book your free maintenance appointment. We also provide turf maintenance services that go far beyond just the cleaning. If you are experiencing other turf maintenance issues contact us directly. We are Palm Beach County’s premier turf cleaning service.

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Full artificial grass cleaning maintenance

Simply the best artificial turf cleaning service in Florida. Our artificial grass cleaning and maintenance service features can be tailored to each customer’s needs and can be ordered as needed or on a recurring monthly and quarterly basis for that year around TurfWorld Clean artificial grass lawn. If your a South Florida resident then call us for more information and for a free cleaning and maintenance consultation.